Term of Business, Fee Structure and Guarantees


When you contact us or send vacancy information through our website, we will contact you to discuss your role in more detail and accept your Listing, or to inform you if we are not able to accept the Listing for any reason.

Once we have taken payment you will receive an electronic invoice. This electronic invoice number is also your Listing Reference Number. We will then begin working on finding you the right candidate.

To deliver our service to you, Staff Advert may place your Listing on any website or on any other media controlled by us or by any third party with whom we have, or entered into, an agreement for the provision of services for the purpose of filling the Listing. You agree that:

• The Listing can be viewed by anyone with internet access throughout the world.

• Staff Advert cannot guarantee a particular level of success to a Listing; and response rates vary from day to day and certain sectors or positions may attract higher levels of responses.



These terms relate to the online recruitment service (“the Service”) provided by Staff Advert. Staff Advert is acting as a recruitment agency.

These terms constitute the contract between Staff Advert and the Client. These Terms contain the entire agreement between the parties and unless otherwise agreed in writing by a Director of Staff Advert, these Terms prevail over any previous terms or purchase conditions put forward.

No variation or alteration to these Terms will be valid unless the details of such variation are agreed between Staff Advert (Director of Staff Advert) and the Client and are set out in writing and stating the date on or after such varied terms shall apply.



Your Vacancy Information must be submitted online. It must be legal, decent, honest and truthful and not infringe the rights of any third party. Any Listing that indicates, or can reasonably be understood as indicating, an intention to discriminate on grounds of sex, race, religion, disability or age will not be accepted unless it is exempted from the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. A statement must be made at the time the Listing is placed saying that of the exemptions in the above Act or any other legislation is considered to apply. Vacancies will appear unbranded, and no active Client e-mail addresses or web links will be shown, due to third party restrictions. You agree Staff Advert may need to modify the Recruitment Webpage in order to optimise your Listing for job board searching and to attract Candidates.

The Recruitment Webpage remains the copyright of Staff Advert. All rights in the Recruitment Webpage and any other information or guide sent to you belongs to Staff Advert and you are not authorised to copy, reproduce or use this work without our prior written consent.



Staff Advert will endeavour to source appropriate candidates based on the Vacancy Information provided by the Client.

Candidate information will be subject to any filtering and screening and then forwarded by Staff Advert. Staff Advert will use its best endeavours to confirm the Candidate is willing to be considered for the Vacancy.

The Client is responsible for verifying the information contained in a Candidate CV and Application Webpage and Staff Advert accepts no responsibility for the content of any such application.

The Client is responsible for confirming the Candidates eligibility to work in the UK. The Client accepts, following any Candidate contact:

• it shall be up to the Client and the Candidate to agree how to progress matters such as start date, working hours, wages, probation periods, shifts and other relevant employment conditions

• the Client shall act in good faith and in a business like and courteous manner

• the Client shall keep strictly confidential all confidential information disclosed by the Candidate and act in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.



Payment conditions:

* A non-refundable deposit of a nominated amount is to be paid in advance through the company website

* Once payment has been received by Staff Advert, the Order is considered valid and the Service will commence.

* Fees are payable on a per Vacancy Listing basis. No multiple listings will be accepted. If a subsequent Listing is required, a new listing must be created and a non-refundable deposit paid for in advance.

* Clients are not eligible for any money back guarantee

* The Service will commence on your Listing for 4 weeks commencing on the date the deposit payment has been received by Staff Advert.

* If the Service is unable to source a suitable candidate for the Client, a credit will be issued to the Client for a future Vacancy Listing

* For situations where a Listing is being worked on using a contract credit and more than one hire is made from the candidates provided then either a credit or credits will be taken off the outstanding contract.

* If a Client makes a second and/or subsequent hire from any of the shortlisted CVs supplied by the Service over and above the initial hire within 180 days of the CV being sent to the client, then an additional and corresponding hiring fee for the second and/or subsequent hire will become payable on 7 day terms

* Refunds will not be paid for any cancellations.

* If a client hires a candidate previously received by an alternative source for example directly or via another recruitment service, the fee is still payable.

* It is the Client’s responsibility to inform Staff Advert if more than one hire is made from a single Vacancy Listing or credit and no later than 7 days of the new hire’s start date.



If you are unable to achieve a hire from the Candidates provided by Staff Advert then after the 4 week period of us working on your Listing, we offer to Credit the fee to be used immediately or within 12mths from the end of the original Recruitment Listing for the same or a different vacancy. The credit must be used for a like service and for a vacancy that falls within the same salary bracket.

Each credit in a contract is a credit to be used to hire one person. Accordingly, if a particular Listing is being worked on as part of a contract that is unsuccessful, a credit reduction will not be made and if a hire is made a credit will be deducted from the contract.

We reserve the right to withdraw the guarantee if you:

• are unwilling to take our advice on changes that would assist in making a hire and filling the Listing

• are unresponsive to requests for information on Listing progress that would otherwise allow us to adjust the campaign throughout the 4 week period

• never had a genuine Listing to fill

• have not paid in accordance with the terms

• prevent us from working on or request we do not work on your Listing for the four (4) week period.

The Client shall, within 5 working days of Staff Advert's request, provide the name and start date of the person(s) that will be hired so that Staff Advert can verify the source of the successful person(s) to ascertain whether they were a Staff Advert Candidate and the success or otherwise of the Service.

Staff Advert shall not use the successful person's name provided by the Client for any other purpose, other than to verify the source of the successful person, unless that person(s) provides Staff Advert with consent (implied or otherwise) in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Privacy Principals.

If the Client does not provide the relevant person(s) name and start date relating to the relevant Listing within the specified time Staff Advert will be entitled to, at its sole discretion, withhold any guarantee.

IMPORTANT: All credits must be requested by the Client within 4 calendar weeks.



Should your hire leave your employment within 3 months of the candidates start date, for any reason, your insurance entitles you to a further 1 month of recruitment service for the same role. The Placement Guarantee must be purchased before the candidate commencement date with your company

Staff Advert must be advised of the candidate’s termination date within 1 week of the date of the candidate’s termination. You must commence your insurance listing within 1 month of the date of the candidate’s termination. Your Placement Guarantee listing must be used to fill the vacancy left by the terminated candidate. The candidate requirements must be identical or of a variance acceptable by Staff Advert. You can activate your Placement Guarantee listing should the candidate be terminated for any reason, including:

• Termination of the candidate’s employment based on poor performance, misconduct, redundancy or other.

• Termination of employment by the candidate.



You have the right to withdraw the Listing for any reason at any time, in which case the fee will be credited for a future listing to be used within 12 months.

You acknowledge that the Internet and/or Staff Advert’s systems, services and equipment may be inoperative in full or in part as a consequence of but not limited to, mechanical breakdown, maintenance, hardware or software upgrades, communication connectivity problems or other factors beyond the control of Staff Advert and you acknowledge that Staff Advert will not be held liable for any failure or inability to provide continuous, error free, uninterrupted services under these circumstances.



Our liability to you for breach of contract or negligence shall not exceed an amount equal to twice our fees for any Listing or series of Vacancies regarding the same matter placed by you with Staff Advert. In no event will we be liable for any special, indirect, consequential or loss whatsoever or any loss of profit regardless of whether such losses are foreseeable and whether or not caused by our negligence arising out of or in connection with the use of the Service.

Nothing contained in these terms shall have effect so as to limit our liability for loss or damage arising out of personal injury or death or acts of fraud.

All and any interaction and communication between the Client and any Candidate and in connection with the Candidate's response to the Listing are the responsibility of the Client, and Staff Advert accepts no liability in relation to this interaction and communication. The Client will indemnify Staff Advert against any losses in connection with this interaction.

Having in mind the nature of the service, we are not able to verify any statements made by you that appear in your Recruitment Webpage or other collateral and accordingly you agree to indemnify us from all claims, costs and expenses (including legal expenses) resulting from your breach of these Terms.

While Staff Advert endeavours to ensure that the information on its website is correct, Staff Advert does not warrant the accuracy and completeness of that information. Staff Advert may make changes to the material on this website at any time without notice. The material on the website may be out of date, and Staff Advert makes no commitment to update such material.

Please note that you will be required to use caution, common sense and awareness as there are also risks of dealing with persons acting under false pretences.



This Agreement may be terminated by Staff Advert if:

• after providing written notice to the Client of breach of these Terms, such breaches are not rectified within 5 working days by the Client

• the Client fails to pay Staff Advert on the due date any sums that may be due

• the Client makes any material misrepresentation

• the Client is using the service for any improper use or with the intention to damage the reputation of the services provided by Staff Advert.



By using the Staff Advert service, you agree to your company name, representative details, vacancy information or trademarks owned by your company being used in the delivery of the Staff Advert service and Staff Advert marketing and advertising material pertaining to your Recruitment Listing or to the promotion of Staff Advert services in public.



Staff Advert will take reasonable care not to transmit viruses or malware to you but it is your responsibility to protect your computers against viruses or malware.

Accordingly, you agree that Staff Advert will not be liable to you for any damage resulting from the transmission from us to your computer systems of viruses,or malware.



A person who is not a party to this contract shall not have any rights under or in connection with it.



Should you be dissatisfied with any aspect of the service raise this with your Recruitment Agent in the first instance and thereafter it can be escalated to the Director, if necessary.



Staff Advert observes all laws and regulations relating to equal opportunity employment. Staff Advert is committed to diversity and will promote diversity for all Clients and Candidates and will adhere to such a policy at all times. Staff Advert will not accept instructions from Clients that indicate an intention to discriminate unlawfully.



These Terms are governed by the laws of Great Britain and each party irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that jurisdiction.

Thank you for your custom, if you have any questions you can contact us directly.

Contact our office directly: 0330 365 0109